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Apprentice Comments

See what our apprentices below have had to say about the program. You can also read a recent article about it.

The education I received has a value that can’t be measured in dollars. Roy Slicker does an excellent job of relaying pertinent information in a way that’s very understandable. He works quickly and precisely but often repeats the very important steps to ensure that the student is learning. His in-depth explanations of what barbecue is and what it means to him was very inspiring for me. I am deeply appreciative of everything that Roy has taught me and excited to continue to learn from him in the future. I highly suggest the program to anyone interested in improving their back yard BBQ to someone starting their own BBQ related business. The information is priceless.

Jeff Olson
Olson Boys BBQ
It was a chance of a lifetime to get to learn the art of barbecue. Mr. Slicker showed great excitement and passion for what he does, and it was infectious. During our stay we were exposed to a great wealth of knowledge and information. Thanks to your organization and the efforts of Roy Slicker for allowing us to learn from the best.

Marcos Ramos
Hermiston Fiesta Foods
Henry and Lisa Bechem opened my eyes to the realities of what it takes to open a restaurant. Projecting how much meat you’ll need… daily prep and holding… managing slow times and busy times… a lot of the benefit for me was seeing the day in and day out. It was a confirmation on a personal level that I could do this.
Steve Starns
Southern Smoque BBQ
Company 7 BBQ brought out something in me that I never would have been able to do on my own. Without their help and guidance I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Kenny Dee
Corporal Dee BBQ