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Apprentice Program Recommended Curriculum

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Day 1: Food Safety, Restaurant Cleanliness and Heath Department issues
  • On day one, the Apprentice will learn the importance of food safety and a clean restaurant environment from both kitchen and server staff perspectives.
  • Apprentice will learn proper sanitation requirements, proper holding temperatures, kitchen equipment, dish and surface cleaning procedures.
  • Apprentice will learn the basics of health department requirements and how to avoid food borne illnesses.
  • Apprentice will also learn food safety requirements for serving food, maintaining food quantity and temperature logs.    
Day 2: Meat Qualities Food Preparation, Flavor Profiles, Woods and Smoking Methods    
  • On day two the Apprentice will learn about the importance of meat quality for top notch Barbecue; how to prepare meats for smoking and the various methods used to achieve the best tenderness and taste.
  • The Apprentice will learn how individual flavor profiles are key to making barbecue unique to each pitmaster. Various woods, charcoals or pellets may be used in the smoking process and the Apprentice will learn the how much to use and when, and mixing to achieve a unique taste or smoke ring on the meats.
  • The Apprentice will actively participate in the entire process of preparing top quality barbecue meats and explore the various side dishes and how they should be different from others in your area.
Day 3: Business Operations, Portion Control, Staffing and Tracking and Controlling Expenses
  • On day three, the Apprentice will learn about the business aspect of barbecue; exploring ways the pitmaster markets the entire menu to bring people into the restaurant.
  • The Apprentice will learn about portion control, inventory control, buying supplies and getting the best prices possible.
  • The Apprentice will learn about hiring staff and other human resource issues that the business deals with on a regular basis.
  • The Apprentice will also learn how the business controls food, labor and general operating expenses to achieve the highest profit possible.
Day 4: To Be Determined by Mentor and Apprentice (if necessary)