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The Butcher Shop: From Farm to Fork

Note: The following information is about the Butcher Shop class that took place on Saturday, February 23, 2013. Please check back for any future class listings.
Attendees learn from a small army of master butchers and award-winning specialists who have been hand-picked to present this all day class on hog preparation, trimming and cooking. While the presenters may be impressive, the true stars of this event are a Duroc, a Berkshire and a cross-bred market hog! The class begins with an introduction to the basic breeds of pork, meat qualities and muscle to meat conversion, with comparisons and tastings. One hog is prepped for whole hog competition smoking, ending with a demonstration on how to break it all down for a large service, luau style. Attendees even have their lunch served from this delicious specimen. The remaining two hogs are completely rendered, beginning with the primal cuts and then on to the specialty cuts and cooking techniques for tenderloin, collar trimmed butts, cracklins and much, much more!
Registration for this all day event is only $250. However, this is an up close and personal class so space is limited to the first 50 registrants.
Butcher Shop Presenters (scroll down)
Hobson Cherry
The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint
Hobson is Senior Pitmaster for The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and a graduate of the Johnson and Wales School of Culinary Arts. He became a part of The Shed family after a career in the fine dining industry and has led them to multiple competition victories. Hobson has smoked over 400,000 pounds of meat since joining The Shed.
Jim Compart
Compart Family Farms
Jim is a third generation Purebred Pork Producer and one of the owners of Compart's Boar Store, Inc. a 60-year-old swine genetics breeding stock business. In addition to their Purebred genetic business, Compart sells over 70,000 commercial pigs per year and operates a commercial swine research farm in their Pinpoint Research operations. Pinpoint Research conducts research on various feed ingredients that affect cost, performance and meat quality.  
Henry Cooper, Jr.
Cooper's Country Meat Packers
Cooper's produces high quality hardwood smoked sausages sold under the Country Pleasin' brand name, which are sold in over 900 grocery stores throughout the country, including many BBQ establishments in the southeast. They also operate a full service butcher shop that serves USDA 20-day aged Hereford Beef along with many other specialty items. Country Pleasin' has also been recognized as the fastest growing sausage brand in the U.S.
Bob File
Pioneer Meats, Pure Pork Catering
From a farming business selling 10,000 hogs every year, to a successful catering business, to a concession business that sent him around the country selling his famous chop sandwiches, Bob has spent most of his life in the food industry. Bob's niche is underutilized cuts of meat and he has created a line of BBQ products from them, including his trademarked Pig Wings. His business sells more than one million of the approximately 2.5 million pounds of the processed shanks sold in the U.S. each year.  
Stephen Gerike
National Pork Board
A Certified Executive Chef within the American Culinary Federation, Stephen oversees pork marketing, advertising and promotion activities for targeted food service distribution, commercial restaurant chains and noncommercial foodservice accounts. Stephen is responsible for pork quality and culinary education for the American Culinary Federation, the Research Chef's Association, the International Corporate Chefs Association and targeted chain restaurant accounts.
Meathead runs AmazingRibs.com, the world's most popular barbecue and grilling website and one of the top 50 food websites in the nation. The site has more than 400 pages of concepts, science, techniques and recipes. Meathead has been around the food biz all his life. His father owned a restaurant, he was the syndicated wine critic for the Washington Post, he has taught at Cornell's Hotel School and Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, and his wife is a famous food safety expert for the FDA.
Mark Lambert
Sweet Swine O'Mine
As head shoulder cook for the Sweet Swine O' Mine competition team, Mark is a three-time Memphis in May International World Champion. His team placed 1st in 2005, 9th in 2006, 2nd in 2007, 1st in 2008, and 1st again in 2009 as well as Grand Champion. He also runs Sweet Swine O' Mine Distributing, which produces a popular line of sauces and rubs. Mark will be presenting on shoulder and collar trimming and preparation.  
Mark Newman
Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire  Pork
Mark and his wife Rita are owners of Newman Farm located in the Ozarks of southern Missouri. The Newmans have been involved in outdoor pork production since 1968 and began raising 100% purebred Berkshire pigs on pasture in the mid 1990s, the only farm of its kind in the U.S. Today they have a thousand pigs that are raised in a natural outdoor environment, which contributes to their rich pork color and excellent marbling.  
Brad Orrison
The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint, The Shed Saucery
Since founding The Shed in 2001, Brad has been on multiple national TV shows, including the latest, as a judge for the Kingsford Invitational, which will air in March. Brad is also the spokesperson for Oscar Meyer's new line of BBQ products. He began his career as the senior (well, the only) pitmaster at the original Shed smoking his products in two Alto Shams that he and his father converted into smokers. The rest is history.    
Renee' Patout
Renee's Quality Meats and Cajun Specialties, The Shed Saucery
Renee' owned and operated Renee's Quality Meats and Cajun Specialties from 2000 until 2010. As a custom butcher, he handmade a line of 150 Cajun specialties, including cracklins, hoghead cheese, boudin sausage, seafood stuffed breads, and more. Since partnering with The Shed's owners to launch the Saucery, The Shed has won 29 Scovies, 50 NBBQA Awards of Excellence and several Best of the Best awards. The Original Shed Spred was also named fourth best in the world by BBQ Superstars.
Scott Schugars
Scott's Pig Roast and More
Scott is a successful and well-respected caterer and food truck entrepreneur. He's "Been Smokin' Em since 1992" in Marcellus, Michigan on custom built roasters. His meats are dry rubbed, lightly smoked and roasted to perfection. Scott has spent 20 years perfecting his award winning seasonings. His sauces have brought home dozens of first place awards from the NBBQA Awards of Excellence to the Scovie Awards. A longtime NBBQA member, Scott will be presenting on his specialty, the loin.
Allen Smith
Boars Night Out Championship BBQ Team
Boar's Night Out is the Memphis Barbecue Network's 2012 Team of the Year and the only team in history to sweep all three Team of the Year categories (whole hog, shoulder, ribs). BNO was honored to represent the MBN at the World Food Championships this year in Las Vegas! The team has been together for almost eight years, with total earnings of over $100,000! BNO loves to give back and is involved with the Wounded Warrior Project, Ronald McDonald House, The Boy Scouts of America, and The Shriners.  
Carl Williams, aka Smokinwilly
Smokinwilly Squealer's Championship BBQ Team
The Squealers team has been cooking on the circuit since the 80's. Over the years, they have won several grand championships, reserves and a mountain of other top awards. Carl and his wife Mary recently added to their accomplishments the title of Grand Champion at the Georgia/Florida "Best of the Best" BBQ Bash Shootout. His immaculate trimming and prepping of his meats for competition is rivaled by none. Carl also writes a monthly column in The BBQ Times called "Que-Talk with Smokinwilly."