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We are a passionate community dedicated to the education, connection, inspiration, and celebration of all things barbecue, AND we are the only trade association dedicated to the business of barbecue. Whether you’re making money or making dinner; you’re a backyard griller or a “low and slow” smoker, or all of the above, we invite you to take advantage of all that the National Barbecue Association offers.  
Yes, we like to cook. Yes, we love to eat. But, as barbecue people, we don’t stop there! 
Barbecue people are passionate about spending time with others; family, friends, folks we love, people we hardly know. We can’t help but share the goodness! 
The cornerstone of the NBBQA is education. From vision to fruition, we have the resources to support you in your barbecue endeavors - how to take your rubs and sauces to market or how to create a business plan or better yet, get personalized experience from the pros in our Apprentice Program.
That’s what we do best; connect you to all things barbecue.
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NBBQA Annual Conference and Trade Show – no better way to get connected!
Being a member of the NBBQA gives you access to best-in-class resources that can teach you the basics, help you take your game to the next level and even start your own barbecue business. 
Create. Marinate. Grill. Smoke. Eat. Drink. Rejoice. Barbecue.
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