The NBBQA offers a wide range of benefits in specialized member levels. From resources for starting and supporting your business to tips on entertaining friends around the smoker, our organization offers something for everyone. Scroll down to select the right membership for you or open our Informational Backgrounder.  No matter which category you choose, the best way to get connected, succeed faster and make fewer mistakes in your BBQ journey is to get involved in NBBQA.

Membership in the National Barbecue & Grilling Association includes:

Special Interest Group (SIGs) networking community membership at no extra cost.

- Bi-Weekly Issues of the "Best in Barbecue" eNewsletter which includes plenty of industry news, education and association updates. 

Monthly issues of your Membership Category eNewsletter providing peer-to-peer tips, solutions, strategies, case studies and more focusing on your particular membership category.

- Monthly issues of the National Barbecue News print publication featuring our NBBQA Q Newsletter. 

Access to Membership Category Closed Facebook Groups for online peer-to-peer networking. 

$200 discount on the non-member registration for I Am BBQ - The NBBQA Annual Conference & BBQ Bash

… and more.

Not involved in the barbecue business but love barbecue? As an Enthusiast, you'll receive the NBBQA bi-weekly e-newsletter theBiB, the monthly Q eNewsletter and be eligible for special NBBQA promotions.  Please note, if you are in the barbecue business you do not qualify for this membership level.
COMPETITOR – $100 annually
Think you have what it takes to compete or want to learn more? Take your ‘cue to the next level with an NBBQA membership. From tips on winning your next cook-off to starting a catering operation, this category offers great resources. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.
Competitor membership offers in-depth benefits, discounts, and resources aimed at:
• Dedicated Backyard Barbecuers • Competition Judges and Organizers
• Competition Cooks & Team Members • Aspiring BBQ Caterers & Business Owners

OPERATOR – $175 annually
This exclusive category offers benefits that help you save money, grow your business, and stay on top of industry trends. If you’re one of the talented professionals who make great ‘cue for the world to enjoy, we’ll help connect you to the vendors you need, promote you to the BBQ-loving public and arm you with the educational tools to maximize your company’s performance.
Operator membership is specifically designed for:
  • Restaurant/Catering Owners & Employees
  • Anyone Professionally Involved in Preparing or Serving BBQ to the Public
TRADE PARTNER – $200 annually
If you’re one of the good folks who supply everything we need to make great barbecue, we’ll help introduce you to an audience of consumers that matter most to your company. NBBQA offers valuable insight into consumer trends, exclusive access to an active BBQ community and resources to keep you in the loop about all things BBQ.
Trade Partner membership is perfect for:
• Food Industry Sales & Service Providers • BBQ Retailers of All Types
• Food & Equipment Distributors/Wholesalers • Anyone Selling to the BBQ Community
• BBQ Food, Equipment & Accessory Manufacturers

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