The NBBQA offers a wide range of member benefits for our specialized membership levels, plus the unique opportunity to connect with the folks who share a love of great barbecue. From resources for starting and supporting your business to tips on entertaining friends around the smoker, our organization offers something for everyone. Scroll down to see the exclusive benefits available through your paid NBBQA membership!
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National Barbecue News Subscription: National Barbecue News is the world’s number one publication dedicated to BBQ and is the official publication of NBBQA. Delivered to over 10,000 industry professionals and enthusiasts every month, your subscription to National Barbecue News is covered as part of your membership. 
The BiBNBBQA’s monthly e-newsletter, the BiB (Best in Barbecue), is delivered to over 2,000 members and BBQ lovers. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on with the association and its members.
BBQ Resource Center: To assist our members with their business operations, we've created the BBQ Resource Center—an online clearinghouse of barbecue related educational and informational documents.
We have press release templates, logos, royalty free photos, sample business documents, how-to's, conference handouts, videos and other educational resources available for our Operator and Trade Partner members to download.
Membership Category eNewsletters:  Each NBBQA members category has it's own exclusive monthly eNewsletter, which includes concise tips, ideas, strategies, how tos and other insights which will help you succeed faster and make fewer mistakes along the way.
Membership Category Facebook Networking Groups:  Connect with your NBBQA member peers to ask questions and get the answers you need via our exclusive NBBQA membership category Facebook networking groups.  
‘Que & A: Let our most experienced members answer your pressing barbecue questions. We’ve posted responses to dozens of barbecue questions on our website for members to review. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll even send your question to our volunteer BBQ experts.


Member Sticker: Operator members will receive an annual membership sticker to display at their place of business, demonstrating their commitment to our great American cuisine and the people who love it. 
Membership Directory: Receive full access to our member directory where you can search member profiles of restaurants, caterers, suppliers, pitmasters and anyone involved in the business of BBQ.
Business Labels: For an additional fee, Trade Partner members are eligible to purchase one set of NBBQA member mailing labels each year.  Please contact us at to learn more.






Annual Conference & Trade Show: This informative conference is a must-attend for BBQ restaurateurs, caterers, competition cooks, manufacturers, suppliers and emergent BBQ business owners who support the barbecue industry and are interested in learning and networking. There is power in numbers!  Each year, hundreds of participants benefit from our BBQ trade show, presentations from BBQ masters, educational classes on competition cooking and judging, information on BBQ business trends and much more. 
Connections & Introductions: Looking to connect with an NBBQA member peer for mentoring conversations or connections regarding a specific area or segment of the barbecue industry?  Give us a call at (331) 444-7347 and we can help you make the right connections.  
Awards of Excellence: Do you have a magnificent marinade? How about a righteous rub? Don’t hide it from your fellow barbecue enthusiasts! From sauces to cookbooks, the annual NBBQA Awards of Excellence recognizes the very best barbecue products. In all, 24 categories will be judged, so no matter what your barbecue style, there’s an opportunity to stake your claim as the best of the best. NBBQA members save $25 on the entry fee for their first product and $10 on all additional entries.
Advertising: Looking to promote your product or service in the world of barbecue? Our association is your passport. NBBQA members receive approximately 20% off the following advertising opportunities:
  • The BiB - NBBQA’s monthly e-newsletter, the BiB (Best in Barbecue), is delivered to our entire membership. Members receive discounts on banner ads.
  • Membership Category eNewsletters
  • Website - is a great place to promote your company. Website ads are discounted for members.
  • Q - The National Barbecue News is delivered to over 10,000 industry professionals and enthusiasts every month. Use your membership to receive a discount in Q, the NBBQA’s special insert within National Barbecue News.


Our Member-to-Member Discount Program is designed to let the BBQ community work together to save money. The following is a sample of some of the current member discounts available. When you join NBBQA be sure to visit the Members Only section for instructions on redeeming these special offers. You can even offer your own discount!
Save 25% at Denny Mike’s Sauces & Seasonings: DennyMike's takes a lot of pride in the products they produce, from pure sea salt to the finest molasses, you are sure to taste the difference. Competitors even get wholesale pricing. And when you win, it's free!
Save 30% at MustHaveMenus offers thousands of customizable menu templates, event flyers and restaurant management tools, including many specifically designed for barbecue joints.
Save 10% on Pig Out Roasters' Charcoal Rotisserie: Roast up to a 170 lb. pig with Pig Out Roasters' charcoal rotisserie. This is a BBQ enthusiast's dream - fool proof roasting with the great taste of traditional barbecue!
Save 15% on Thermometers from Tel-Tru Manufacturing: Tel-Tru manufactures a complete line of rugged, accurate, and dependable bimetal thermometers.
Save 10% at Best of the West: With a full line of charcoal, wood fuels, seasoning sprays and chip trays, there is something for any type of grill at Best of the West.
Save 5% at Hawgeyes BBQ: With over 500 BBQ related items, Hawgeyes has all the top rubs and sauces along with a great seection of brines, smokers and grills.
Save 5% at River Country: One of the most trusted manufacturers of BBQ thermometers, River Country is also an authorized dealer of several top BBQ brands.
Visit the Member-to-Member Discount page to see all active offers or to find out how to offer your own discount.

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