The Affiliate Program is perfect for businesses that want to provide NBBQA memberships to more than one employee.
Here's how it works... as long as a co-worker is a NBBQA member in good standing and is paying the full Operator or Trade Partner membership fee, then anyone else in that business can join as an Operator or Trade Partner Affiliate for only $50. They'll get the same benefits as the primary Operator or Trade Partner member but for a much lower price.
For example, if a BBQ joint or grill manufacturer wants to send more than one person to the annual NBBQA conference, they can just sign them up as Affiliates to get the member registration discount of $100 or more per person!
Potential Affiliates must contact NBBQA to confirm their eligibility before joining the program.  To reach us by phone, call (331) 444-7347 and press option "1".