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2019 Annual Conference Sponsorship Overview

Pre Conference Events

A number of restaurant tours and themed sessions will take place prior to the conference. The goal of these pre-conference experiences is to take advantage of the conference location of Kansas City, which has a wide range of barbecue joints and industry specialists. 

The Conference

The NBBQA Conference can help grow and develop your barbecue business, with two solid days to focus on barbecue industry education. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business, as no other event exists that focuses purely on the business of barbecue. Topics at the conference will range from peer-led sessions sharing practical advice to deep dives into specific subjects led by experts in the industry.


This one-day celebration showcases many aspects of live-fire cooking, whether your definition of barbecue is slow-smoked brisket, quick-grilled steak or even Korean barbecue fried on a flat-top. The public-facing day features a People’s Choice competition, where chefs from different states will showcase their regional cuisines. Leading businesses will also offer samples using a variety of equipment and ingredients. The live stage and “BBQ Busking” area provides a more intimate space for continuous learning opportunities.