2017 Awards of Excellence Winners

BBQ Gift Pack
1st place - BBQ Gift Pack - 3 Taxi Guys
2nd place - Gift Pack - Southern Belles BBQ
3rd place - Complete Gift Pack - Rufus Teague 

Best Book
1st place - Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue by John Shelton Reed, Dale Volberg Reed & William McKinney
2nd place - BBQ Owners Grilling Manual by Ben Bartlett
3rd place - Meathead The Science of Great Barbecue & Grilling by Meathead Goldwyn

Best Apparel 
1st place - Veteran Owned- American made - Loot N’ Booty
2nd place - Old Southern Slap, Slather & Sauce - Old Southern BBQ 
3rd place - Let the Pig Fly -  Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que 

Best Tool/Accessory
1st place - Chop’s Full Power Injector - Barbeque Kansas City
2nd place - 1st Commercial Store & Flat top -  Grate Grill Grate, LLC
3rd place - 2nd Chop’s Power Injector 1 gal - Barbeque Kansas City

Best Label
1st place - What’s Your Beef? - Rub Loot N’ Booty BBQ 
2nd place - Smokin Willy - 3 Taxi Guys 
3rd place - Deez Nuts Pecan Rub - Meat Church BBQ 

Best Marinade
1st place - Guava-Jalapeno-Pineapple Rum Island Marinade - Soggy Sandals, Inc 
2nd place - Croix Valley Garlic n Herb Marinade - Croix Valley Foods 
3rd place - Chili Bill’s BBQ - Chili Bill’s

Hot Sauce
1st place - Budda Bing Wing Sauce - 3 Taxi Guys 
2nd place - Williamson Brothers Hot Sauce - Williamson Brothers BBQ Sauce
3rd place -  Cookies Wings-n-Things Hot sauce - Cookies Food Products, Inc

White Sauce
1st place - Peg Leg Porker White Sauce - Peg Leg Porker Restaurant 
2nd place -Alabama White Gold - Duce’s Wild 
3rd place -  Smokey C’s Spicy White Sauce - Smokey C’s BBQ, Inc

Mustard Sauce
1st place - Williamson Brothers BBQ Classic Carolina  - Williams Brothers BBQ Sauce
2nd place - Captain Carolina - Company 7 BBQ 
3rd place - Carolina - Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que 

Fruit Sauce
1st place - Eroc’s Black Cherry & Mango - Eroc’s, LLC.
2nd place - Ms. Mango - Southern Belles BBQ 
3rd place -  Willy Competition BBQ Glaze - 3 Taxi Guys

Vinegar Mild
1st place - Memphis Mop BBQ Sauce - BBQ Buddha 
2nd place -  Competition Sauce - Duce’s Wild 
3rd place -  Riley’s Triple R Sauce - CRC BBQ

Vinegar Spicy
1st place - Spicy Vinegar - The Shed BBQ
2nd place - Smoky Jon’s Fiery Gourmet Supreme Smoky - Jon’s #1 BBQ Smoky
3rd place -   Budda Bing Wing Sauce - 3 Taxi Guys

Tomato Spicy
1st place - Victory Lane Spicy BBQ Sauce - Victory Lane BBQ
2nd place - Blue Ribbin’ Sweet Sauce - Prairie Smoke & Spice
3rd place -  Full Boar BBQ Sauce - Full Boar BBQ, LLC 

Tomato Mild
1st place - DQ Glaze Duce’s Wild - Duce Raymond 
2nd place - Kansas City -  Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que
3rd place -  Raider Red Meats Original BBQ Sauce -  Raider Red Meats 

1st place - Eroc’s U- Betcha Shake Me Silly - Eroc’s, LLC 
2nd place -  Gold Star Chicken Rub - Loot n’ Booty BBQ
3rd place -  Hot Booty Shake - Swimmin’ In Smoke

Southwest/Cajun Rub
1st place - Grub Rub Juniors - Up In Smoke
2nd place - Hot Radical Rib Rub - Swimming n’ Smoke
3rd place -  The Gospel All Purpose BBQ Rub - Meat Church BBQ

All Purpose Rub
1st place - All Purpose Rub Victory Lane Cherry Bomb BBQ Rub  - Victory Lane
2nd place - Croix Valley Memphis Dry Rub - Croix Valley Foods
3rd place -  Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub - Prairie Smoke & Spice