Legend awards Overview

Humanitarian Award - Description

The Humanitarian Award recipients are individuals or companies from the BBQ industry that have lived a life with responsibility and have demonstrated a commitment to the welfare of the greater community. These recipients have exhibited the spirit of humanity in a local, national, or international capacity. They promote mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace within the BBQ culture. They contribute to the protection of life, combat hunger, or the promotion of health, all while educating the public on the meaning and importance of humanity, empathy, and dignity.

Pit Master Award– Description

The Pit Master recipient is an individual who is dedicated to their craft. They take pride in producing amazing BBQ, whether it’s in their restaurant, as part of a competition team, or serving BBQ in their communities. 

Their immeasurable passion for BBQ and food correlates directly with their desire to share that knowledge with their team and their guests.   They strive to learn new things every day and illustrate you have never fully mastered our craft and always have the ability to improve – exemplifying what it means to mentor the younger generation. They hold themselves to the highest standards for BBQ quality.

Industry Partner Award– Description

If you ask Google to define the word “partner” it will read: “A person or group who takes part in an undertaking with another or others."

The Industry Partner Award is presented to individuals or companies who have represented NBBQA well…they “take part,” and have a front row seat when it comes to helping us move our association forward. Their partnership is vital to NBBQA’s success. They are great ambassadors for their brand nationally or internationally. In times of need, they are at the front lines with supplies or financial support. The recipient is also leading the charge in their community efforts. They are experts in their field and ensure humanitarian efforts are a part of their culture. Their reputation is well respected and valued.

President’s Award– Description

The President’s Award is presented to individuals or companies who not only reflect the values and objectives of NBBQA, they contribute to the association’s success. They donate countless hours volunteering on committees, the board, workshops and/or SIGS.  Through their dedication, they ensure our members receive the highest quality and value for their membership. This award recognizes their commitment to serve the public interest and to benefit the BBQ industry by fostering high standards of business conduct which merit public confidence. They have a commitment to excellence and facilitate the exchange of ideas among members.  They sustain a friendly and cooperative relationship between the BBQ industry and the agencies with which we do business.  Without them, there would be a void.  The President Award honors their contribution. 

Spirit of BBQ Award – Description

Spirit of BBQ Award Recipients are individuals who have made a mark on the BBQ community over the course of their careers.  They have an impressive resume of successfully inspiring those around them and finding innovative ways to support the BBQ industry.  They see each day as a learning opportunity – making sure to hold themselves and others to the highest standard of BBQ quality. 

In addition to being known for implementing creative ideas and establishing best practices that flood the world of BBQ, they consistently encourage others and share their love of BBQ with their family, friends, communities and most importantly those they are meeting for the first time.  Their immense passion for BBQ and hospitality, coupled with their innate desire to go above-and-beyond in crafting memorable experiences, continue to elevate the BBQ industry.  They are the heart, the soul, and, as the name implies, the Spirit of BBQ.