Best Rubs

All Purpose Spicy Rub
1st – Saucy Minx Flamin’ Fury Rub – Saucy Minx BBQ Sauces & Rubs
2nd – Fat Boy Cowgirl Rub – Bar B Que Specialties
3rd – Backdraft Hot & Smokey – Historic BBQ

All Purpose Seafood Rub
1st – Gold Star Chicken Rub – Loot N’ Booty BBQ
2nd – Alspaugh’s Secret Seasoning – Alspaugh’s Secret Seasoning
3rd – Fish Bait – Swimmin’ in Smoke

All Purpose Poultry Rub
1st – Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub – Prairie Smoke & Spice
2nd – Chik Bait – Swimmin’ In Smoke
3rd – Nell’s Sweet Heat – Nells Famous BBQ Rub

All Purpose Pork Rub
1st – Flying Swine Original All Purpose Seasoning – Flying Swine Seasoning
2nd – Brotherhood of Swine Competition Rub – Brotherhood of Swine
3rd – Meat Rub – Rufus Teague

All Purpose Beef Rub
1st – Rescue Rub – Compnay 7 BBQ
2nd – Prime Rub – SuckleBusters Inc
3rd – Mad Dog 7 Merrill’s Grill’n Magic Signature Seasoning – Lashbro

Best Sauces

Hot Sauce
1st – Fat Boy Trail Blazer Wing & Hot Sauce – Bar B Que Specialties
2nd – Cookies Wings-N-Things Hot Sauce – Cookies Food Products
3rd – Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce – Wild Bill’s

White Sauce
1st – Alabama White Gold – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ
2nd – Uncle Bubs Whitewash – Uncle Bubs BBQ
3rd – Lane’s BBQ Sorta White Sauce – Lane’s BBQ

Mustard Sauce
1st – Uncle Bubs Bold & Gold – Uncle Bubs BBQ
2nd – Cakalacki Gold – Gentry’s BBQ
3rd – Whole Hog #6 – Whole Hog Café

Fruit Sauce
1st – Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue Sauce – Croix Valley Foods
2nd – Peach Bourbon Pomegrante BBQ – Eroc’s
3rd – Smokehouse Blues – UrbanQ Smokehouse

Vinegar Mild Sauce
1st – Meat Mitch Naked Sauce – Meat Mitch
2nd – SuckleBusters Original – SuckleBusters
3rd – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ Vinegar Mild – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ

Vinegar Spicy
1st – Grilla Grills Kongo Kick – Grilla Grills
2nd – Sweet & Tangy – The Shed Saucery
3rd – Sweet & Spicy Vinegar – Sweet Swine O’Mine

Tomato Mild
1st – The Other Sauce – Eroc’s
2nd – Pitty Que Original BBQ Sauce – Pitty Que
3rd – Blueberry Blues – Southern Belles BBQ

Tomato Spicy
1st – Veterans Q Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce – Veterans Barbecue
2nd – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ Texas – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ
3rd – Historic BBQ Spicy – Historic BBQ

BBQ Products

Best Gift Pack
1st – “The Total Pork Package” Rub it! Shred it! Sauce it! Full Boar BBQ
2nd – Jack’s 4 Pack Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que
3rd – Gift Pack Nuthatch Hill BBQ Co.

Best Apparel
1st – Designated Smoker Chili Bill’s BBQ
2nd – BBQ Shotgun T-shirt Japanese BBQ Foundation
3rd – F.U.B.A.R War Pig BBQ

Best Tool/Accessory
1st – The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower LLC
2nd – Chop’s Full Power Injector System Chop’s Power Injector Systems
3rd – Tappecue Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer Innovating Solutions

Best Label
1st – Blazin Hot – Rufus Teague
2nd – BBQ Sweet Zing – Historic BBQ
3rd – Patriot Sauce – Code 3 Spices

Best BBQ Snack
1st – Wolf Knuckles – Devil’s Breath Chile Company
2nd – Smokehouse Crackers – Spices Smokehouse
3rd – Spiced Peaches – Spices Smokehouse

BBQ Marinade
1st – Chili Bills BBQ – Chili Bill’s BBQ
2nd – Sweet Brine O’Mine – Sweet Swine O’Mine
3rd – Fowl Play – The Shed Saucery

Digital Media Awards

Video Series
1st – A Pitmaster’s Story by Twist’d Q BBQ
2nd – Gque BBQ YouTube Channel  by GQue
3rd – Green Mountain Grills Recipe Videos featuring Pitmaster Sterling Smith by Green Mountain Grills and Loot N’ Booty BBQ

Single Video
1st – Operation BBQ relief Brings Meals to Devastated Communities by Old World Spices & Seasonings
2nd – Stanley’s Famous – The New Stanley’s Famous BBQ Sauce by Stanley’s BBQ
3rd – BBQ Rocky Road Bananas (for Facebook) by Allrecipes and Bush Cooking

Audio Series
1st – The Rub – https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-rub/
2nd – Smoking Hot Confessions – http://smokinghotconfessions.com/
3rd – The Best BBQ Show – https://www.blubrry.com/bestbarbecueshow/

1st – GrillGrates – https://www.grillgrate.com/
2nd – South Side Market and BBQ – https://www.southsidemarket.com/
3rd – Slap Your Daddy BBQ – http://www.slapyodaddybbq.com/

1st – Bush Cooking – https://bushcooking.com/
2nd – Slap Your Daddy BBQ – http://www.slapyodaddybbq.com/
3rd – Griller’s Gold Blog – https://grillersgold.com/blog/

1st – National BBQ News – http://www.barbecuenews.com/
2nd – Tailgater Magazine – https://tailgatermagazine.com/

Single Article
1st – Operation BBQ Relief – Beyond-Numbers – Published in The Barbecue News, by Kell Phelps
2nd – Barbecue Creativity: Finding Your Purple Cow – Published on Slap Yo’ Daddy, by Harry Soo
3rd – Griller Guy – Published in Tailgater Magazine, by Jane Ehrhardt

1st – The South’s Best Butts, By Matt Moore
2nd – Salt Block Grilling, by Mark Bitterman
3rd – Praise the Lard, by Mike Mills and Amy Mills

Photography Awards

Live Fire Photography Award
1st – Hot box – The firebox at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Lamb Ribs Getting the Kiss of Fire – Booma Bromage
3rd – Tending the Grill – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy

BBQ Food Photography Award
1st – BBQ Stuffed Squid – Booma Bromage – Boomas BBQ
2nd – Spicy Pork Belly – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy
3rd – BBQ Fondue Display – Duce’s Wild

BBQ Character Photography Award
1st – Welcome to Atlanta – Pitmaster Bryan Furman – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Harry Soo Serves – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy
3rd – Getting his Steak On – Junior – Up in Smoke

BBQ Personal Photography Award
1st – Morning After – Pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz of Snow’s BBQ – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Smoked Brie Cheese wrapped in Prosciutto – Booma Bromage – Boomas BBQ
3rd – Harry Showing his Spread – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy

BBQ Commercial Photography Award
1st – Too Cool – Pitmaster Miguel Vidal of Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Hot Sauce – South Side Market and BBQ
3rd – California BBQ Style – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy