Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't have a BBQ business yet. Can I get a professional membership?
Answer: Yes, you may still get a Professional Membership if you feel it provides information and incites that you would like to have.

Question: Do I have to become a member through the website?
Answer: No, if you feel more comfortable we can do a membership over the phone. Please go to the Contact Us page and send us the message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Question: Can I have my profile not show up in the membership directory?
Answer: Yes, please send us a message through the Contact Us page, and we will let you know when it has been made private.

Question: What is IPAC (Industry Partnership Advisory Council)?
Answer: This is a group of BBQ industry leaders that meet regularly to discuss and work together in benefit for the BBQ industry.

Question: What is the National BBQ News?
Answer: The National BBQ News is a hard copy publication posted monthly. Although a digital version is also available directly from them.

Question: Why am I am not receiving my newsletters or National BBQ News?
Answer: There are a number of possible reasons. First double check that your profile has updated and correct contact information. If not that, please reach out to us directly through the Contact Us page and we will look into it for you.

Question: I have a business, do I have to get a Business Membership?
Answer: No, you don't have to. You and your collogues may all get individual memberships. However be sure to review the benefits between the two options, as once you have 3, or more, individual members, the business membership offers a much better return on investment. Also, if you don't have a business membership, it won't show up in the BBQ business directory.