Q: $465.00 sounds like a lot, what do I get for that?

A: There is so much you get for $465.00 (early bird cost) it is a bargain!

Want to see where it is going? Check out this overview 

Q: How do I register to attend the conference?

A: You register here for the conference a.

Q: Where do I register for the accommodation?

A: You can register in a single package that includes the accommodations, or you may register directly with the hotel here.

Q: Can I book accommodations through the NBBQA?

A: Yes you can! By registering for the Complete Package option we process all hotel bookings for you at the Galt House Hotel where the conference will be held. This is the cheapest way to book accommodation on-site and conference.

Q: Do I have to attend the whole conference?

A: No, there are multiple options to build the conference you want at the duration and cost that meets your business needs.

The main conference is the Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday - $495 early bird ($695 full price)

Optionally you may add
   - Wednesday - day bus tour of local barbecue restaurants $100
   - Saturday - a variety of activities and educational sessions and varying costs

Q: What is the best conference ticket combination for a member and their spouse?

A:  If the spouse does not want to attend any sessions, but does want to join you for the meals (and the events that occur over them) then the most economical option is 1 full conference pass ($495.00 early price) and 1 meal only pass ($250.00).

Please view our Registration Page here for further ticket prices and details.

Q: Can I buy a single day ticket?

A: Yes, you can! You can buy just a Thursday Ticket, and just a Friday Ticket. 

Other activities can be purchased just as single events such as the Culinary Fight Club, 2020 Awards Dinner, and Rhinestone Steak Competition.