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NBBQA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Connect with your peers, ask questions, get answers, share your expertise and get involved in the areas of the barbecue and grilling industry most relevant to your interests!

Sign up online for NBBQA's new Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Your NBBQA membership just became more relevant and valuable. Now you can connect and become involved in the areas of the barbecue industry most relevant to your interests.

Dial into calls and get feedback from BBQ experts in real time.

Listen to sample audio from Heath Riles, Victory Lane BBQ & Sterling Smith, Loot N Booty BBQ as they answer first-time competitors questions on how to start their competitive BBQ journey. Audio to go to 5:15 minutes https://soundcloud.com/user-436917660-377534534/january-2017-nbbqa-competition-bbq-sig-call-topic-competition-bbq-101-tips/s-4A5JH?in=user-436917660-377534534/sets/competition-bbq-sig/s-ySdzA

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Each Sig creates custom content for their respective sig to generate what’s relevant in their respective industry.

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