All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Posted By: Vic Clevenger NBBQA Latest News,

When you’re in business, one of the biggest questions you have when spending money is, “Return on Investment.” Your CFO tells all the department heads they have a budget which fits in the larger budget, so they are consistently looking at how the money is going. Meetings will be held, discussions will be had then decisions will be made. Everything is looked at and then evaluated. “Is this the best use of our dollars?” “Can we use that part of the budget in a better way to get a higher return on our investment?” Keep in mind not all of this is about the bottom line but can include the intangibles which can be a valuable return.

Membership in the local business community group doesn’t necessarily bring in dollars but it is the association that makes it worth it. Now there is the networking, the lessons learned at these meetings which may increase the bottom-line down the road, but it isn’t always the case immediately. Yet your marketing team sees the benefits, so they release the funds to keep your membership and involvement up to date.

Recently, we here at the NBBQA were asked to provide some information so a company could see they were receiving a proper ROI. It isn’t out of the ordinary so, we provided them with some numbers and information which would be helpful in seeing the NBBQA not only as an authority in BBQ but the authority in BBQ. Help them to see they are receiving a great ROI and will continue to do so as changes continue to occur helping the NBBQA to improve. We thought since one company asked, there may be others who may want this information. We are excited to share this with you as we continue to grow, even during the current pandemic climate.

  1. We Have Lots of Members

Our membership expands the country. From sea to shining sea, we have such a diverse membership. With over 400 members, we are truly a BBQ melting pot, race, religion, rich or not, we share one thing. We have one thing which binds us all together and that is BBQ. Do we all agree? No, some prefer pellet grills as opposed to offsets but there is room. Some like one charcoal as opposed to wood while others secretly keep their gas grill on the ready. Yet there is room for all. Our membership, however, isn’t bound to the United States. We have members from Japan, Canada, Australia, as well as the USA. The ROI on just membership is much more than the numbers, it is what the numbers represent, a world of BBQ lovers.


  1. There are Tons Who Receive our Newsletter

Our newsletters continue to be sent out every month. We have had to reduce the frequency, but they still hit your email inbox. Our purpose is to keep you, our membership, and potential members, informed about the BBQ industry. From the articles written to the news, we make sure to keep it interesting. The first newsletter of the month is sent to our current members and includes a digital link to the National BBQ News. The second one (the third Wednesday of the month) is sent to the entire mailing list, with nearly 10,000 addresses. This alone can potentially put your business (as a business member) in front of thousands.


  1. Social Media is Popular with our Followers

If you do not have a social media account, how do you through the day? Ok, this may be putting too much on the importance of social media, but for marketing and informational purposes, it’s vital. On Facebook alone, the NBBQA has over 17,000 followers and Instagram has over 3,100. WOW! That is 20,000 people who can potentially see what we post. Once a week we highlight one of our Business members as well as post vital news and whatever the “National Day” is (i.e. National Day of Chocolate Cookies). Here we seek to have fun as well as keep you informed so your career in the business of BBQ can grow. This information is one of those intangible things for your ROI.


  1. National Brands Believe the NBBQA is the BBQ & Grilling Authority

If you want to be successful, then associate yourself with successful people. We have all heard this statement or a variation of this. Or how about this one, “Quality by association.” This has been used for both good associations and bad, but in this case, it’s all good. We have major national brands and legends as part of the NBBQA. B&B Charcoal, Cheerwine, and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce to name a few. Two of the largest sanctioning bodies (KCBS and the SCA).  Can association with national and worldwide brands be considered a positive ROI? Yes, 100%


The NBBQA is a very unique association. Poised as the authority in all things BBQ as well as relationship building. These are just a few of the ways you and your business can receive a positive ROI with your association with the NBBQA.