Process to submit an entry

1/ Pay the entry fee for your entries

Go to this page and select the number of each category you would like to enter...

Example 1

Desire to enter 4 sub-categories of rubs and 2 sub-categories of sauces

Select the Rubs Category and enter quantity 4 - this will go to your shopping cart, select 'continue shopping'
Select the Sauces Category and enter quantity 2 - this will go to your shopping cart, select 'view cart'
Review your entry, then check out via credit card

Example 2

Desire to enter your video series, 3 photos, and an article

Select the Digital Media Category and enter quantity 1, select 'continue shopping'
Select the Photography Category and enter quantity 3, select 'continue shopping'
Select the Publication Category and enter quantity 1, select 'view cart'
Review your entry, then check out via credit card

2/ Respond to the confirmation email

Once payment is processed, you will recieve a confirmation email with a link to a form with specific instructions and required details for your specific entry.  Example of information needed:

  • Provide Name on CC, amount, and last 4 digits. This is used to verify your entry after shipment is recieved.
  • Provide Contact information so we can reach you for questions or announcments
  • Provide total quantity of entries
  • Provide the correct name of your product and business name, or similar, that will be listed and used for award presentation and on the certificate

3/ Physically provide your entry 

If your entry contains a physical element, it MUST be shipped to... 

Sweet Swine O'Mine Distributing

113 Edwards Rd
Byhalia, MS 38611

The postmark must be December 1, 2022  or earlier

4/ Digital Entries

For all digital material,  attachments, links, or shared location of your photos, video, writing, or similar, the email link for uploading those matrials is provided after the form is submitted.

How much does it cost to enter?

NBBQA Member's price...

$35  Sauce Categories
$35  Rub Categories
$35  Food Categories
$30  Equipment Categories
$30  Digital Media Categories
$30  Publication Categories
$15 Photography Categories

Non-members (or members not logged in) will cost $10 more per entry

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