An Open Letter from Our NBBQA President

Posted By: Patrick Murty NBBQA Latest News,

To our NBBQA community – we can’t imagine the impact this situation has put, and continues to put, on you and your business.  On behalf of the board, we remain dedicated to the safety, health and welfare of our valued members, sponsors, speakers and team. We have been monitoring the situation daily. And while it may not seem we have communicated quickly, I assure you, we have been drafting notices daily as things have been changing almost hourly.  And as things are bad, it could get worse in the next couple of days.  With that said, based on the recent CDC, local, and state recommendations, we can now confirm it is not in the best interest of our member’s, vendors, speakers and all those involved, to continue with our annual conference.  We know this financially impacts everyone and we do not take these decisions lightly.

The financial impact, across the country, is sure to be a hardship this nation has yet to experience in our time.  As businesses across the country, including yours, are feeling the effects, there is a new focus to be creative in servicing our guests.  Businesses will try and continue their operations while implementing more stringent health and safety codes, as well as changing service standards and procedures. 

Furthermore, as you may be aware, NBBQA is a non-profit organization, and while this is not a financial priority, it is something we need to be cognizant of for our next steps moving forward. For those who are not aware, this has been the main fundraiser for the NBBQA that sustains our organization throughout the year.  Not knowing exactly how the economic impact will affect the nation, we need to err on the side of caution to safeguard the stability of the NBBQA in order to continue to serve you and your needs.  If you have been patiently waiting to hear if the conference is canceled, we appreciate your support and willingness to still attend. The Galt House has been gracious enough to work with us. In good faith, we have negotiated to return to the Galt House next year for our 30th anniversary with a reduced rate of $149.00.  We are offering two options:

Option A: If you did not cancel this year or have sponsored an event, we are asking if we can credit your account and defer your payment to next year’s conference.

Option B:  If you are not in a financial situation to defer your conference fee/sponsorship, we will support and refund your account.  However, until we work out the logistics of canceling with our partners and other fees we are obligated for, we are asking if you will be patient with us to send refunds once we know our account balance. 

Please reply stating which option you are choosing. In the meantime, please ensure you contact your airline, car rental, and the hotel to cancel your travel arrangements.

Please know we want you to make the decision that is best for you, your business, and your family.

In the meantime, we’re encouraging our members to go to our Facebook page as we all share tips and advice on how to weather this challenging time. Our goal is not to let fear and the circumstance cripple us. But pray that all these precautions the nation is taking will help us get back to “business-as-usual” as soon as possible. 

The BBQ community is one that is strong and resilient.  We are a community that comes together in times of need to help our fellow brothers and sisters.  I am proud of all our members and encouraged by the notices and support we have received. We will survive this and have faith that what we learn through this will make us better.



Patrick Murty,

NBBQA President