Announcing the July 2024 Issue of Barbecue News Magazine: Now Available on the NBBQA Website!

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July 2024 Barbecue News Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that the July 2024 issue of Barbecue News Magazine is now available on the National Barbecue & Grilling Association (NBBQA) website! This issue is packed with mouthwatering recipes, expert insights, and the latest news from the barbecue community. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or just starting your barbecue journey, there’s something for everyone.

What’s Inside the July 2024 Issue?

Recipes to Fire Up Your Grill:

  • Smoked Shotgun Shells: A unique and flavorful treat that will wow your guests.
  • Cheesy Bacon Pull Apart Bread: Gooey, cheesy, and bacon-filled, perfect as a side or appetizer.
  • Fruity Pebbles French Toast: A fun and colorful twist on a breakfast classic.
  • 14 Ways to Make Safe Juicy Burgers: Tips and tricks to ensure your burgers are both delicious and safe to eat.

Science and Technique:

  • The Science Behind Cooking Aromas: Discover the chemistry that makes barbecue smell so irresistible and how to harness it for your cooking.
  • Resurrect Your Outdoor Griddle: Creative ways to bring your outdoor griddle back to life and make the most of your outdoor cooking space.

Community Highlights:

  • Minnesota BBQ Society: Get the latest updates and events from the vibrant Minnesota barbecue scene.
  • Northeast BBQ Association: News and highlights from barbecue enthusiasts in the Northeast.
  • National Barbecue & Grilling Association: Insights and updates from our very own NBBQA.
  • Steak Cookoff Association: Learn about the latest competitions and tips from the steak cookoff circuit.

Special Features:

  • From Family Feast to Award-Winning Flavor: From the cover, read about the journey of King Louie's Meat Apostles. Discover how they transformed family feasts into award-winning barbecue. Learn more about NBBQA member Michael Goff and his award winning rubs.


  • Book Reviews: Our editorial team brings you reviews of the latest barbecue books, helping you find the perfect addition to your culinary library.
  • Restaurant Reviews: Explore reviews of some of the best barbecue joints across the country. Discover hidden gems and must-visit spots for your next barbecue adventure.
  • Cookbook Reviews: Detailed reviews of the newest and most popular barbecue cookbooks. Find inspiration and expand your cooking repertoire with expert recommendations.
  • Product Reviews: Check out our reviews of the latest barbecue gear and gadgets. From grills to thermometers, we’ve got the lowdown on what’s worth adding to your arsenal.

And much more! Dive into expert columns, gear reviews, and feature stories that celebrate the art and culture of barbecue.

Get Your Copy Today!

Head over to the NBBQA website or read the July 2024 issue of Barbecue News Magazine now. Whether you’re looking to try new recipes, stay informed about barbecue events, or learn from the pros, this issue has it all.

Don’t miss out—ignite your passion for barbecue with Barbecue News Magazine!