Barbecue News June 2024 Issue Released Today

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June 2024 Barbecue News Magazine

Barbecue enthusiasts and grillmasters alike will be delighted to hear that the June 2024 issue of Barbecue News Magazine has been released today. This month’s edition, titled "New Crown for Steak Princess," celebrates the outstanding achievements in the BBQ world, packed with stories, recipes, and insights that promise to inspire and tantalize.

Riley Wright: The New Steak Princess

The highlight of this issue is the crowning of Riley Wright, a distinguished Barbecue News Magazine Contributor and a bright star in the Future of Q community, as the Grand Champion of the 2024 Inaugural SmokeSlam World Junior BBQ League contest. Riley's dedication, skill, and passion for barbecue have earned her the title of "Grand Champion," a testament to her prowess in the competitive BBQ scene. 

Memphis in May and SmokeSlam

May 2024 sizzled with excitement in Memphis, Tennessee! Barbecue lovers flocked to the city. Barbecue News Magazine and National Barbecue & Grilling Association fired up not one, but two sensational events thanks to an incredible team of dedicated people, both events were a roaring success, leaving everyone with smoky memories and mouth-watering experiences. We're immensely grateful to the amazing crew that made these unforgettable events possible!

Sauces of Honor Winners 2024

In addition to celebrating Riley's victory, this issue also reveals the winners of the prestigious Sauces of Honor competition for 2024. This annual contest highlights the best and most innovative BBQ sauces, judged by a panel of expert tasters. The top five (5) placements are showcased in this issue. Whether you are a novice griller or a seasoned pitmaster, these award-winning sauces are sure to elevate your barbecue experience.

Recipes and Father's Day Gift Ideas

No issue of Barbecue News would be complete without a selection of delicious recipes. This month, the magazine features a variety of mouth-watering dishes perfect for summer.  From succulent brisket and burnt ends, sweet and sour pork, to blackberry cobbler, there is something for everyone to try.

As Father’s Day approaches, Ray Sheehan, renowned BBQ expert, and contributor, offers a curated list of fantastic gift ideas for the BBQ-loving dad. From the latest grilling gadgets and accessories to unique BBQ sauces and rubs, these suggestions are sure to make any dad’s day special.

A Packed Issue of BBQ Goodness

The June 2024 issue of Barbecue News is a treasure trove for BBQ lovers, thanks to the dedicated contributors who have filled its pages with BBQ goodness. Their hard work and passion for barbecue are evident in every article, recipe, and review.

Don’t miss out on this exciting edition of Barbecue News Magazine. Read it today by clicking here and immerse yourself in the world of barbecue, where every page brings new flavors, stories, and inspiration to your grill.

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