4 Ways the new NBBQA.org Will Support Your Business Success

NBBQA Latest News,

We’re pleased to announce that a brand new NBBQA website and membership platform will be launching very soon.  Our goal has been to make it easier for NBBQA members to connect with each other and to make all of our business-building content and tools as accessible as possible to help you succeed faster and make fewer mistakes along the way.  Below are 4 ways the new NBBQA.org website will support your business success:


  1. “Get Connected” Member-to-Member – The new NBBQA membership directory will enable you to search for NBBQA Members, search by Special Interest Group (SIG), and allow you to connect with other members in the directory via a new messaging feature.
  2. Special Interest Group (SIG) Pages – Each NBBQA SIG will have its own community page which enables you to deepen your connection through your SIG memberships, access SIG resources and stay up-to-date on the latest SIG news/activities.
  3. “Build My Business” Topical Content & Resources – Our “Build My Business” section will contain easy access to peer-to-peer education content, “how to” articles, educational audio archive, and more all organized by industry topic.
  4. Activity & Event Calendar – To help you become more involved within NBBQA, we’ll be expanding our event calendar to include all upcoming events, SIG calls, open Committee Meetings, call-for-leaders/volunteers, and more.