Upcoming NBBQA Educational Sessions

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Well, they’re here! The delay was well worth it.  We have 4 great educational sessions that are free to NBBQA Members. 

Each of these businesses have worked very hard putting these together for you. Since we didn’t have our conference, these partners stepped up to record presentation which will help you grow as an individual, or enhance your business.  Our objective is to bring more sessions over the summer, including Business Development 101, From Mark Lambert, a member and past president. He is owner of Sweet Swine O’mine and knows a thing or two about starting, running, and expanding his business for optimum profits.

We want to thank the following for their time, dedication and content to bring value to our NBBQA members:


Prairie Fresh

NBBQA Business member, Prairie Fresh has long been a pork supplier for many restaurants across the country. They are also a major supporter of Operation BBQ Relief. The team at Prairie Fresh will help us to understand Supply and Demand for pork products and how world shortages effect our US market

Industry Challenges. They will teach us marketing, including great information on Prairie Fresh USA Prime – Premium product lines, which can positively impact BBQ competitors and those selling Pork. You will also receive some ideas for your menus.

Certified Angus Beef

Join Diana and Daniel Clark, Certified Angus Beef ® meat scientists, as they fabricate a side of beef. The left side has been divided into the hindquarter and forequarter, and they will focus on showcasing eight primal cuts and the importance of marbling. You’ve walked through the supermarket to get something to toss on the grill for supper and have seen the CAB sticker. Now is your opportunity to see how it’s done.

UBER EATS – All Things Delivery

Join long-time NBBQA member, Shawn Walchef of Cali Comfort BBQ and the Uber Eats team as they do an amazing panel discussion of how Shawn’s restaurant survived when Covid-19 hit, as well as great tips for diving all in with social media, podcasts, maximizing his takeout revenue centers. Learn how Uber Eats can partner with businesses to help them be successful in a crisis or running your business every day. You will hear what changes came about through Covid-19 and how delivery was thrust to the forefront. Learn how Points of Sale, marketing, menus changed. You will see how community involvement and giving back comes full circle and increases your brand’s credibility and recognition.

Legacy Productions

We became familiar with Legacy Productions during our virtual Awards of Excellence back in March. In this session, you are going to learn all the Do’s and Don’ts of Zoom seminars/presentations/or business meetings. Along with how to put on a conference or meeting for attendees. Plus how to live stream, use Twitch for fundraising, and avoid pitfalls. Sometimes, what keeps businesses and individuals from producing their own content is they just don’t know where to begin. This session will help by showing you the best type of gear to use for social media. Or you can just call Legacy productions to teach you or do it for you.

Look for details on how to access each one.  We will release and load them next week in the Member’s Resource section of our NBBQA website https://www.nbbqa.org/bbq-resources. If you aren’t a member yet, and would like access to these great sessions, you can join now for as little as $99 a year https://www.nbbqa.org/membership-information

Watch these sessions as many as you want, as often as you want. This is only one reason to join NBBQA.  There’s lots more. Including our next in-person event scheduled for November.

One person once said, “A day without learning is a wasted day.” This is why the Board is seeking to provide you with video presentations from professionals who are experts in their respective fields.