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Why Do You Cook?

Posted By: Vic Clevenger NBBQA eNewsletter , NBBQA Latest News ,

Mark Lambert teaching a rib class

 Have you ever thought about why you cook? We have some amazing cooks walking the halls of the NBBQA (I know, we don’t have actual halls, but you know what I mean). We brush shoulders with award-winning cooks, World Champions and legends who inspire us to be better. Then there are the sauces and rubs which line the shelves in the NBBQA cupboards created by folk who encourage each of us to work on our recipes.  Let’s not forget about the marketing and creative types who are sitting in the NBBQA den spreading the knowledge of BBQ. But have you ever asked, “Why do you cook?”


In the beginning of time when Adam or Eve cooked their first meal it was out of necessity. Throughout the history of man this was central to the question, “Why do you cook?” Simply put, it was to feed one’s family and community. In ancient Jewish culture some of the sacrifices were basically a BBQ which the priests would use to feed their families. From American history, the Native Americans would go on hunting expeditions to bring game back to feed their community. There is nothing wrong with cooking out of necessity because without those grandmothers and mothers who simply cooked to give the family nourishment, where would we be? Hungry, I suppose. But, why do you cook?


For some the beach or the mountains are their happy place but for others its cooking. They can come in from a stressful day at work and putting a recipe together, no matter how simple or complex, simply brings them joy. My daughter came home irritated from a particularly hard day at school and when asked what was up, she barked, “I just need to bake something.” Once she did, happiness was once again on her face and we were able to discuss her day. It’s little wonder one of the first cookbooks we all have received is The Joy of Cooking. So, ask yourself, why do you cook?


Cooking for enjoyment may help you relieve your stress but the passion for cooking its what wakes you up in the mornings. How do you know you have a passion for cooking? Well, is it one of the first thoughts you have when your alarm clock goes off? Do you dream at night of winning a Golden Ticket to the SCA world championships? Maybe you even daydream of making a living cooking or in the cooking field. This is what passion for cooking looks like. If you said, “Yep, that’s me” to any or all those scenarios then you may have your answer to, why do you cook.


Leaving something behind for the kids or grandkids is something we’ve all thought about and taken steps to provide. But legacy is more than who receives the house when I’m gone, it’s the skills, life lessons and example I leave for the next generation (sure the money isn’t bad either). It’s the legacy of those who have gone on and the knowledge of those who are still here the NBBQA seeks to preserve for a world living in a digital age. So, our question to you is, “Why do you cook?”