Why NBBQA Is The Question

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February is not only the shortest month of the year but is also the month of love. Beautiful cards will be exchanged by star-crossed lovers romantically relaying how in love they are. Perhaps you will quote the first line of the famous poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” The stores won’t let us forget what this month is all about, buying heart shaped candy. Before Christmas, the shelves were being stocked with gifts to give to your beloved. It is fitting that we discuss the new catchphrase, tagline or mantra of the NBBQA, “WHY NBBQA.”

As you read this article ask yourself, “Why NBBQA?” Why am I a member of the NBBQA? Why do I love the NBBQA? Why do I enjoy telling my BBQ friends about the NBBQA? Why is the national conference always on my calendar?  There are tons of other reasons, “Why NBBQA?” How many other items have you come up with as to “Why NBBQA?” Below are a few areas we can all agree on. If you have any other, please send them to us so we can feature them.


This is an overarching quality to answer the question, “Why NBBQA?” We all have new and old friendships which have been made through the NBBQA. Every day in our lives we are in contact with our friends and many times it’s the friends we’ve made here. Sometimes it’s checking on what they had for dinner last night via social media. Other times it’s a phone call to just say, “Hi.” We may not see each other for weeks or months on end, but when we do, it’s as if no time has passed at all. We don’t even talk about BBQ, we talk about the new truck they bought, the kids graduating high school or a multitude of other things. But this is what friends do. In the NBBQA, these friendships are solidified in BBQ and will last a lifetime. WHY NBBQA - Friendships


Along with friendships, the networking opportunities is another area where we can list under the “Why NBBQA” heading. We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you want to be a successful person, then you need to hang out with successful people.” This is where networking comes into play. As you hang out with people who have been a success, their secrets are revealed. Opportunities to partner become apparent. Your skill set, as you let them know what you can do, lands you a contract or even a job. With the NBBQA, this is almost every day. You want to know about food trucks, catering, restaurants or even food sport, the NBBQA is the place to connect with someone who will help. We have experts in the NBBQA who have blazed trails and mentored some cooks who are household names, even outside the world of BBQ. WHY NBBQA – Networking.


Motivational speaker and writer, Zig Ziglar once wrote, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” The emphasis NBBQA has placed on education for our members is yet another answer to “Why NBBQA.” From panels to tell stories about the history of the NBBQA to the Webinar Wednesdays to having major corporations’ partner with us in providing online seminars, education is at the forefront. With COVID putting a stop to our number one education event for the past couple of years, the yearly conference, the board didn’t want this to stop the learning. Every board meeting “How to educate our members” “How can we help our members in the business of BBQ?” is always subjects discussed. The added value to our membership dollars provides a real value to the fees we pay each year. The second part to Zig Ziglar’s quote, “If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” The NBBQA is doing everything they can to make our membership unstoppable. WHY NBBQA – Education


Falling on the heels of networking and education, is the growth many have enjoyed as a result of being involved with the NBBQA. Story after story has been told about how one’s business has grown from something they have taken away from being with the NBBQA. Writing a business plan, seeing the need for a marketing schedule or how to talk to the media, growth has been the result. During networking opportunities, just listening to “giants” talk with one another, tips are picked up which allows your company to take a major step forward. Then there is the personal growth which can be picked up, such as enabling you to cook a whole hog for the first time as a result of something you’ve picked up. Your sauce, rub, etc. marketing has grown because they have become award winners since you’ve entered the Awards of Excellence. WHY NBBQA - Growth


A few years ago, the Ford Motor Company skillfully used to use the slogan, “Quality is job one!” This could also be used for the NBBQA. Quality is an important attribute for any organization and one NBBQA takes seriously. Beginning with the very first conference and permeating everything the NBBQA does, quality matters to the board. No corners are cut when it comes representing the NBBQA. Just look at some of the places the conferences have been and will be going. Think about the educational seminars at these conferences and the ones we’ve witnessed virtually. The membership, both individuals and businesses, recognize this quality, which is why so many renew or increase their membership year after year. WHY NBBQA - Quality

BBQ Authority

One of the goals of the NBBQA is to become the BBQ authority and it is happening. Many of the BBQ people we see and cheer for on the Food Network are members of the NBBQA. When celebrity chef Michael Symon opened his BBQ restaurant, Mable’s, personally invited to the grand opening was long time NBBQA member and board director, Legend, Mike Mills. When other authorities such as CNN and USA Today, need a BBQ related quote, the NBBQA receives an email request. Even when you first got into BBQ and began researching it, you knew being a part of the NBBQA was the place you needed to belong. The NBBQA is an authority because of the membership. Take a moment to see who those members are. You will find there, world champions, successful restauranteurs, marketing gurus and the list goes on. WHY NBBQA – BBQ Authority

As you come up with your own list, share it with us. Perhaps you can further elaborate on something listed here. Hopefully, you can add something to keep this list going and fresh. Whatever it is, let us here from you as to, “WHY NBBQA!”