Thursday Happy Hour Sponsor

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Thursday Happy Hour Sponsor

Happy Hour Sponsorship
A great way to get your product or demonstration of your product in the eyes and bellies of all those attending.

Each sponsor for this section pays the sponsorship amount and is then responsible for all the costs associated with the meal they serve.

Note: sponsorship above, plus the cost of the meal

One conference exhibitor spot 10 x 10
Within this footprint you may display any branded signage and products.
One BBQ Bash Exhibitor spot 10x10

Gift Bag
You may place any item of your choice and cost into the gift bag going to each attendee at the conference.
You may add an item to the bag for the first 100 attendees of the BBQ Bash

You have the eyes and ears to share as you see fit during the meal, and/or the announcement of the meal (pending the meal location).

Your business will be featured as a meal sponsor, as well as a general sponsor.

Social Media Recognition
Variety of social media mentions prior to, during, and/or after the conference.

NBBQA has the following:
• Facebook (pages and groups)
• Instagram
• Twitter
• LinkedIn

Conference Attendance
This sponsorship level gives you 
• (1) One full conference pass
• Four 50% off discounts or day passes


By paying for this sponsorship you accept the terms and conditions of the conference / BBQ Bash with the National BBQ & Grilling Association.


• Sponsorship is not confirmed until payment is made in full. No one will be allowed to attend or exhibit at the conference if payment hasn’t been received.

• Locations for exhibiting or timeslots on programs may not be selected until payment is received.

• If you fail to provide information, branding, social guidance, copy or similar assets or resources to promote, support or otherwise complete our promotional obligations, it is assumed that you have chosen not to utilize this aspect of your sponsorship.

• If items are provided late, we will do our best to implement them as soon as possible, but make no guarantees on how long that may take.

• NBBQA is not responsible for losses or refund if the event is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseeable incident.

Member Price: $2,000