BBQ and Grilling Perfectly Defines Independence

Posted By: Kell Phelps NBBQA Latest News,

America celebrates her 246th birthday in 2022 and included in that major celebration will be millions of happy Americans enjoying their versions of barbecue. I am guessing while these millions are celebrating and pigging out there will be limited arguments about what true BBQ is…especially if it is really good!

What is the true definition of barbecue? Even Merriam-Webster has multiple definitions as well as spellings for this word that can be both a verb and a noun. For years this has been a major divide inside the #BBQfamily. I personally hate it when someone tries to step up to discredit someone for their process, thoughts, or actions that don’t fit with their personal opinion.

My dad Joe Phelps, and founding member of this awesome organization, summed it up pretty well when he said, “Opinions can be just like a pork butt. Some are bigger, some are fatter, some you can pull and some you can slice. Some smell great while a few actually stink. In the end, regardless of their differences, they are still pork butts.” That’s the way I think about what true BBQ really is.

I also think that barbecue/grilling is the perfect example of total freedom as well. The choices are almost limitless when it comes to flavorings, process, and serving of BBQ. The pitmaster or grillmaster has the unique freedom to choose any direction he wants to go and to me there is no truer example of freedom then that! 

Think about this while you are celebrating your freedom with family and friends this 4th of July!

Until next time…Keep It Smokin’