SIG Groups Entering a New Phase

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Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are your entry point into the content and services we provide for members.

With seven SIGs to choose from, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips on the new online membership platform. It’s simple to get going: Just pick the SIGs you want to join and you’ll receive email newsletters and access to regularly released special content that only specific SIG members will be able to see. 

Notable BBQ personalities from around the country are NBBQA members and many have participated in our educational programming, including at our annual I Am BBQ conference, Special Interest Group conference calls and newsletters.

Along with regular involvement in SIGs, Shawn Walchef, Derek Marso and Cory Wagner also presented about their “Behind the Smoke: BBQ War Stories” podcast at this year’s I Am BBQ Conference and Academy. Every year, the NBBQA conference gives members a chance to connect face-to-face. There are even in-person SIG meetings that members can participate in at I Am BBQ. Not to mention an industry awards show and great food served up every day by BBQ stars and camaraderie between industry folks.

Walchef said he values the networking opportunities and knowledge sharing that comes from NBBQA SIGs and events. It helps him keep up-to-date in an always-changing market. “After our presentation to NBBQA membership on “How To Turn Your BBQ Business into a Media Company,” we were humbled by the overwhelming response from industry icons who were in attendance,” Walchef said. “Even Malcom Reed (“How to BBQ Right”) and Heath Hall (Pork Barrel BBQ) took the time to ask us questions about audio technology and podcasting.” 

“Presenting on a topic that is currently impacting our business at I Am BBQ reemphasized our beliefs that only through continuous learning and networking will we all be able to thrive in rapidly changing markets.”

Special Interest Group categories

ENTHUSIASTS: For BBQ and grilling fans who live and breathe live fire cooking. This group will focus on technique and food tips for the home cook or barbecue super fan. Content example: “Traeger BBQ Shop Class” presented at I AM BBQ 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas, by Traeger Grills Pros Chad Ward (Whiskey Bent BBQ) and Danielle Bennett (Diva Q). The Traeger crew also served up a great smoked tri-tip dinner for conference attendees.

COMPETITIONThis group is for those who are interested in food competitions, whether they’re a pitmaster with a trophy wall or one who is just journeying out into the competitive BBQ scene. Content example: “Four Ways to Help Make it a Winning Season” article featured in the Competition SIG newsletter featuring expert tips by Harry Soo (Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ).

BUSINESSThis Special Interest Group will help you thrive in the business world, with help on technology, accounting, legal issues and more. Content example: “Six Tips for Building your Brand Through Sweat Equity,” SIG newsletter with Joey Machado (B&B Charcoal) on why a huge marketing budget is not as important as presenting a superior product.

CULINARYThis Special Interest Group will help you thrive in the business world, with help on technology, accounting, legal issues and more. Content example: “Six Tips on Launching a Sauce Line Through Competitive BBQ” as Duce Raymond shares his personal story on this journey.

PRODUCTSFor those involved in product distribution and supplying, the Product SIG will help you with increasing sales, brainstorming unique ideas, logistics and warehousing. Content example: “Product to Market Success” panel discussion on turning an idea into a success productpresented at I AM BBQ 2018 by Brad Barrett (Grill Grate), Noah Glanville (Pit Barrel BBQ), Shannon Kelly (ACE Hardware) & Mike Radosevich (Code 3 Spices).

EVENTSThis SIG is for those involved — or wanting to get involved — with running barbecue competitions, classes, meet-ups or other related events. Content example: “Keys to Successful Vending at Festivals or Events,” educational session at I Am BBQ 2018 hosted by Jim Clayton (Texas Outlaw BBQ) & Mark Link (Uncle Bub’s BBQ).

MARKETINGHere is where you can get up-to-date tips on many forms of marketing, such as branding,social media, press releases and online influencers. Content example: Marketing SIG conference call featuring a live question-and-answer session on “How to Build Your Brand with Podcasts,” featuring “Behind the Smoke: BBQ War Stories” hosts Shawn Walchef (Cali Comfort BBQ) and Derek Marso (Valley Farm Market).