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Long Road to Success

Darian Kosmo | Highlight | Main Events Room

In 2009 Kosmo's Q was launch and 10 years later and a lot of work it is valued at over 10 million dollars!

Almost as amazing as this barbecue success story is the captivating personal journey of Darian himself. This will a bare-all presentation of the realities of life on the journey to success.


Key Factors To A Successful Event

Mike McCloud | Events | Presentation Room

Mike has taken a dream and turned it into reality with his amazingly successful World Food Championships which attracts competitors from around the world and is one of the largest food events in the world.

He will be sharing some of this wisdom with those NBBQA members who coordinate events as he outlines his keys to creating a successful event.


The BBQ Business Reality Check

Michael McDearman | Business | Panel Room & Round Table

Michael is an outdoor live-fire cooking spokesperson with a demonstrated history of marketing/strategic planning in the barbecue and grilling industry. Including skills in food & beverage, market planning, advertising, sales, and entrepreneurial solutions. 

Be sure to join Micheal when he highlights common areas of improvement and the most common mistakes he has seen in the barbecue industry.


Changes in the BBQ World

Kell Phelps | Marketing | Presentation Room

Kell Phelps is synonymous with the National Barbecue News publication run by him and his wife Janet. In 2020 they are turning 30! 

A lot has changed in the delivery of news and marketing in general during this time. Kell is going to share these years of wisdom with NBBQA members which is sure to be a combination of walking through history and valuable lessons learned along the way and we will peek into what trends could be happening tomorrow as well!


Kentucky Barbecue Experience

Dewayne Poynter | Culinary | Demonstration Room

Dewayne is one of the leading barbecue talents in Kentucky, while quickly becoming a National personality with current television projects in progress.

Kentucky barbecue isn't quite like that found in other parts of America and he is excited to demonstrate and share this unique method with NBBQA conference attendees. Being able to give you a small taste of Kentucky and the knowledge on how to do it yourself.