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Key Factors To A Successful Event

Mike McCloud | Events | Presentation Room

Mike has taken a dream and turned it into reality with his amazingly successful World Food Championships which attracts competitors from around the world and is one of the largest food events in the world.

He will be sharing some of this wisdom with those NBBQA members who coordinate events as he outlines his keys to creating a successful event.


Strategic Social Media Marketing

Ben Arnot | Presentation Room

Ben has had a phenomenal growth of his media-based business Smoking Hot Confessions based in Australia. Throughout this, he has been on a continual path of learning and now is ready to share that with fellow NBBQA members.

Ben will discuss strategic social media marketing and how to use it to accelerate your brand through efficient and deliberate content planning.


Future Trends in Barbecue

Michael George | Presentation Room

Formally trained in a wide range of culinary experiences from his parent's restaurant at nine to Executive Chef in Paris at EuroDisney, Michael is currently in Culinary Sales and Marketing with Ken's Foods.   

"Food, like fashion, never stops changing - same with people & flavors,” says Chef Michael.    His job with Ken's Foods is to identify and share the flavors that people will want to eat tomorrow & next year.  What could be more fun than that?

Change or Die!

Kell Phelps | Marketing | Presentation Room

Kell Phelps is synonymous with the Barbecue News Magazine publication run by him and his wife Janet. In 2020 they celebrate their 30th Anniversary in business.

A lot has changed in the delivery of news and marketing in general during this time. Kell will be sharing proven techniques of change that he has witnessed that will keep the doors open for decades and not just years. He will also be sharing with NBBQA members a quick walk through history, lessons learned and will peek into what trends could be happening tomorrow in the BBQ World.


Optimizing your NBBQA Membership

Saffron Hodgson | Presentation Room

We all want to get the best return on investment from all our purchases, the same with our NBBQA Membership.

Saffron runs through simple steps and shares information that will help increase your membership value with the NBBQA. This will in turn help expand your business and increase your barbecue network.